Integrating The Coach's Desktop

Corporate Connections

Technology is constantly evolving, and coaches want whatever can give their teams an edge.  XOS partners with other innovative companies to ensure the coach’s entire desktop is integrated with the best tools available.

Catapult Sports sets the gold-standard for wearable technology in the sports marketplace.

The Partnership:

Combine the revolutionary player data that Catapult provides with the cutting-edge video tools that XOS offers, and the Thunder Radar product was born.  It offers coaches unprecedented insights on their team and players to maximize performance on game day.

For more information on Catapult technology, visit Catapult Sports.

AxonSports develops state-of-the-art applications for training decision making in athletes.

The Partnership:

Together, the two companies will integrate XOS ThunderVR virtual reality for coaching into the Axon training platforms.  The result will be the most comprehensive and robust cognitive training applications for athletes.

For more information the Axon cognitive training platform for athletes, visit Axon Sports.

ChyronHego is a leader in graphics creation and data visualization for broadcast and sports.

The Partnership:

Combining the power of ChyronHego’s Coach Paint with the industry-leading Thunder HD platform will provide coaches with world-class teaching tools to create even more dynamic presentations.

For more information on ChyronHego’s graphics technology, visit ChyronHego Coach Paint.

Microsoft, a tech giant, joined forces with the NFL to revolutionize coaching technology.

The Partnership:

XOS has teamed with Microsoft in their initiative to optimize the full suite of Thunderand ThunderCloud products for use on Microsoft Surface devices throughout professional and collegiate athletics.

For more information on the entire line of Microsoft products, including the Microsoft Surface, visit Microsoft.

Vitec provides world-class digital video solutions for the sports and entertainment industries.

The Partnership:

XOS has collaborated with Vitec on the new FS-HS70 and FS-HS60 portable recorders . The devices have an exclusive XOS firmware update that ensures Interop compliant media files.

For more information about the cutting edge video technology offered by Vitec, please visit Vitec or contact your Regional Account Manager.

GoPro has set the standard for high-quality action cameras used throughout sports.

The Partnership:

Coaching staffs are constantly seeking new camera angles to identify details that will make the difference.  The partnership between GoPro and XOS allow coaches to get inside the action with GoPro video and seamlessly incorporate it into their Thunder HDcoaching platform.

For more information on the complete GoPro suite of products, please visit GoPro.

JVC is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing sophisticated audio and visual equipment.

The Partnership:

Having excellent video is essential, but it’s not enough.  Coaches must deliver memorable presentations to their players.  XOS and JVC work together to streamline video workflows and save coaches time.

For more information about JVC audio and video solutions, please visit JVC USA.

Echo1612 offers instant replay technology to more than 800 high school football programs in the US.

The Partnership:

With the expanding role of technology on the sidelines of NCAA football, two sports technology pioneers have teamed together to introduce XOS Thunder @Game Powered by Echo – a Thunder-integrated coaching replay system for both games and practices.

For more information on  Echo1612 coaching replay technology, please visit Echo1612.

ACS Athletics offers compliance management software platforms for athletic departments.

The Partnership:

XOS teamed up with ACS Athletics to integrate the recruiting functionality of its ThunderCloud Recruit and ThunderCloud Scout platforms with the power of the ACSmanagement tools.  The resulting partnership will increase the efficiency of college football recruiting for coaching staffs and athletic departments.

To learn more about the ACS platform, please visit ACS Athletics.

STATS provides advanced analytics and content to teams, organizations, and media outlets around the world.

The Partnership:

XOS partnered with STATS to create the ICE package –  which provides football coaches with the most in-depth analytics and video available directly through their Thunder Football platform.  Now coaches can make more informed decisions than ever before.

For more information about STATS advanced analytics for sports teams and fans, please visit STATS.

Jump Forward, LLC offers recruiting and compliance solutions to more than 175 NCAA institutions.

The Partnership:

XOS partners with Jump Forward to allow teams to integrate their recruiting and compliance platform with player recruiting data from ThunderCloud Recruit and ThunderCloud Scout.  The end result is a more efficient process to identify and contact the best prospects.

To learn more about the Jump Forward platform, please visit Jump Forward, LLC.

Opta is the world’s leading provider of live, detailed sports data to drive content on a variety of platforms.

The Partnership:

The data that Opta provides is unmatched in the world of international soccer, tennis, rugby, and golf.  Combining the power of the ThunderCloud Scout front-office platform with the insights available through Opta creates a player management tool unlike any other.  Team executives have all the resources they need at their fingertips to make complex personnel and financial decisions that will drive performance on the pitch.

For more information about the full range of data that Opta can offer, please visit Opta Sports.

Sports Info Solutions is the leading data provider in baseball, partnering with 22 of the 30 MLB teams.

The Partnership:

Combining the advanced baseball analytics database of Sports Info Solutions with the video expertise of XOS Digital creates the most comprehensive technological solution for Major League Baseball.  It provides organizations with a more efficient and meaningful way to leverage their expansive video and data library.

For more information about Sports Info Solutions and their advanced baseball analytics, please visit Sports Info Solutions.

Pro Football Focus provides in-depth information on football player performance to teams and media.

The Partnership:

When coaches have complete information they can make better decisions.  It’s as simple as that.  By integrating Pro Football Focus data with video from the XOS Thunder suite, coaches are more informed than ever before.  That translates into players who are better prepared to execute on game day.

For more information about the insightful player performance data that Pro Football Focus can provide, please visit Pro Football Focus.

Athlete Intelligence is a leading sports data and analytics company focused on athlete performance and safety.

The Partnership:

The XOS partnership with Athlete Intelligence will result in a revolutionary coaching solution by combining the data from Athlete Intelligence’s cutting edge devices with XOS Thunder video.  It will provide an opportunity for coaches and athletic training staffs to develop actionable adjustments to improve player performance and promote safer techniques.

For more information please visit Athlete Intelligence.