Technology to Win Championships

Coaching Solutions

The line between winning and losing is razor thin, and one decision can make all the difference.  In a game where the best prepared team wins, XOS provides the tools that allow coaches and players to be ready on game day.  That’s why  teams throughout the NFL, NCAA, NHL, and many other leagues worldwide consistently choose XOS to deliver championship-winning technology solutions.


Virtual Reality

What would it be like to get inside the action and see exactly what the players see? XOS ThunderVR uses cutting edge virtual reality technology to give coaches and players the ability to develop their split second decision-making by walking through realistic game situations.  All without leaving your Thunder HD platform.

  • REALISTIC – Train players in real-life game situations
  • IMPACT – Whether it’s coaches, recruiters, or marketers – getting inside the action leaves an impression
  • INTEGRATED – Keep your virtual reality with all your other video right on your XOS Thunder HD platform

Player Performance Tracking

Times have changed and there is a whole new world of data available that can help coaches get the most out of their players.  XOS Thunder Radar allows teams to integrate video with player performance metrics.  The result is the most complete picture of what is happening on the field.

  • VISUALIZATION – Help players and coaches to understand the meaning behind the player performance biometric data
  • UNIVERSAL– Integration with any player tracking platform
  • PREPARATION – View player paths and biometric data right on the practice field

VIDEO Editing

Thunder HD is the premier on-site video editing platform used throughout professional and amateur sports.

  • LOCAL – Store your video on-site so your coaches have immediate access and can collaborate – without waiting
  • ANALYZE – The most comprehensive analytical and reporting tools to spend less time searching and more time teaching
  • SEAMLESS – Integrates with the full suite of XOS solutions to save coaches and players time

Cloud Based VIDEO

Players want to watch video at home? No problem.  The head coach wants to work from his living room? We got you.  ThunderCloud allows you to securely share video from your Thunder HD system with anyone you choose. Anywhere.

  • CONVENIENT – Work from anywhere with the free ThunderCloud App
  • AUTOMATED – Always have the most up-to-date edits and meetings available with automatic sync
  • SECURE – Extensive security features so you control who has access

Team Management & Playbook

The ThunderCloud Playbook app isn’t just an a play book – it’s a complete, 21st century team management tool.

  • SAVE – Eliminate the high cost of printed playbooks
  • SECURE – Lock down your playbook and team information with advanced security features
  • MANAGE – Schedules, reports, itineraries, practice plans, team messaging – all in one location

Video Exchange

As coaches are requesting film immediately, the video staff needs faster, more reliable ways to move media without sacrificing ease of use, speed, and content security.  XOS ThunderCloud xChange provides the most efficient means of trading video from anywhere.

  • PORTABLE – Don’t be restricted to the office – Trade video files from anywhere
  • EFFICIENT– High speed file transfers to and from any format
  • UNIVERSAL – No hardware to purchase, update, or support

ADVANCED Analytics

It’s not just whether or not the pass was completed or how many yards were gained.  There’s a story behind every play.

XOS ICE combines cutting-edge analytics from STATS with the power of HD video from Thunder Football to help coaches unlock that story and make more informed decisions.

  • INSIGHT – Quickly identify tendencies in opponent and self-scout
  • COMPREHENSIVE – The most robust data set available for every game and every play
  • SEAMLESS – Enjoy a wealth of information all within your Thunder HD network