Getting it Right

Officiating Solutions

Leagues have a responsibility to ensure qualified officials are assigned and accurate calls are made.  Conferences across North America rely on XOS to provide the cutting-edge officiating tools they need to get the job done.


HD Officiating Replay

Broadcast quality video, an easy to use single-person interface, at an affordable price.  It’s no wonder why XOS HD Replay is used in more than 200 facilities across the country.

  • QUALITY – Broadcast quality HD video
  • FLEXIBLE – Review marked plays during or after games to ensure accuracy and train officials
  • EASY TO USE – Straight-forward, single-user interface

Partner Profiles: 200+ NCAA (Football, Hockey, Basketball), NHL Winter Classic, QMJHL, WHL venues and events


Cloud Based VIDeo Review

Players and coaches are not the only ones who want to watch game film.  League offices and game officials look to ThunderCloud  as a fast and reliable way to review essential video and ensure accurate calls are being made.

  • CONVENIENT – Review video from anywhere with the free ThunderCloud App or web portal
  • QUICK – The fastest workflow to get video to league and game officials for review
  • SECURE – Extensive security features so you control who has access

Partner Profiles: 150+ teams and conferences throughout the NCAA (Football, Basketball, Hockey),  QMJHL