How Winning Teams are Built

Recruiting & Scouting

Championship teams are created by championship organizations.  They are the ones who identify the right players and put the systems in place to manage and develop the talent.  XOS partners with teams worldwide to deliver the tools needed to bring home the hardware.


Front Office

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your entire organization work from anywhere – on a single system?  Now they can.  ThunderCloud Scout provides front offices with a secure means of collaborating and sharing critical information.  Draft/recruiting boards, player evaluations, salary cap, free agency, or any other player personnel data are all no problem.

  • ROBUST – Most complete set of front office tools available to collaborate and make informed decisions from across the organization
  • VERSATILE – Fully customized digital solutions to meet your organization’s exact needs
  • SECURE – Extensive security features to limit access to only those who need it

Partner Profiles: Elite teams across the NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, AHL, MLS, and English Premier League



How can you win championships if you don’t have the right players?  You can’t.  You need to have the “horses,” as they say.  The XOS ThunderCloud Recruit service offers the most comprehensive prospect data and video, which is all vetted by our team of recruiting professionals.  That’s why it is the most widely used recruiting service in college football.

  • PORTABLE – View, edit, and share recruiting video from anywhere
  • CUSTOMIZED – Packages and reports created for your specific needs
  • PROFESSIONAL – All evaluations and ratings are done by industry experts – not just player-created “highlights”

Partner Profiles: 250+ NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA football programs